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Dust is my bed

By Meshary Alarada

Dust is my bed, embraces me and it’s my cover now

The sand surrounds me even behind my back

And the grave tells a dankness of my affliction

And the brightness draws a line

 Where is my family’s love? They sold my loyalty! (more…)


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Between Solomon and Qarun

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From Jabir ibn Abdullah radhiallaahu ‘anhu said, “The Apostle shalallaahu ‘alayhi wasallaam came out towards us, then said, ‘Just out of me my love angel Jibreel, he told me, ‘O Muhammad, By The One who sent you with truth. Allaah has a devotee Among many devotees that do worship to Him as long as 500 years, he lived on a mountaintop in the middle of the sea. It is 30 cubits width and 30 cubits in length. The sea distance from each cardinal direction throughout 4000 farsakh. Allaah created a finger-sized of spring water at the top of the mountain, the spring water is very fresh, its flowing little by little and flow down to the foothills.
Allaah also grown a pomegranate tree, which bear a ripe pomegranate fruit every night to be eaten during the day afterwards. In the evening before the sunset, the devotee went downstairs the hills to take wudhu’ (ritual ablution) and also to pick a pomegranate to be eaten. Then he prayed. He prayed to Allaah Almighty and begged, (more…)

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“O Lord, who is tossing and turning hearts, validate my heart on Your Religion.” (Narrated by Tirmidhi 3522, Ahmad 4/302, al-Hakim 1/525, see Shohih III/171 Sunan Tirmidhi 2792)

Meaning of Sentences :

“Muqollibal quluub” means, the almighty to flips the hearts from faith becomes faithless, or otherwise. (Fath ul-Bari 18/468)

Source of Du’a : (more…)

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